our approach

Many executives employ micro-level thinking to eek out another 1%. We hear them ask questions like: How can we better drive earnings next quarter or make make incremental improvements to KPI’s? Multiple pressures force a focus on short-term measurements while their organizations slowly wither away and fail to prepare for the future. There is a better way. Enter GreenBlock.

We bring years of experience working on game-changing initiatives for Fortune 500 companies, large non-profits, and government organizations. We build macro-thinking mindsets so executives can not only achieve their short-term goals, but also take a step back to factor in the big picture. In doing so they find themselves thinking like entrepreneurs, thought-leaders and innovators who can prepare their organizations for the 21st-century challenges.

what we offer

Workshops. We work with executives and team members to focus on specific areas where they are looking to change their companies mindset or improve on an area where they have deficiency. The specific areas where we focus on are corporate innovation, branding/messaging and public affairs.

Strategy Sprints. We help work with teams to get them from the idea stage all the way to an execution plan by the end of our engagement. This includes areas of focus such as launching a product, building a media campaign, rebranding an organization and understanding new technology verticals.

Corporate Accelerator/Venture Services. We work with teams to help set up internal innovation units to identify solutions for the most pressing problems they're facing.