ABC 5: Investments in Cleveland grow to retain talent, graduates

The towering buildings, the shiny new restaurants, the bright lights — the so-called renaissance of Cleveland is easy to see if you just look around.

It’s why Ari Lewis , a native New Yorker, is launching his companies from here.

“For me, starting a company, there is such a great talent pool in Cleveland that people don’t realize, so that helps me build and expand,” Lewis said.

Lewis graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 2017, packed his bags and moved back home to New York.

Then, he realized he wanted to return to The Land.

“If you look at San Francisco or New York city, they always talk about building a start-up out of a garage,” Lewis said. “Well now, that garage costs a million dollars. But in Cleveland, Ohio, you could do it for relatively low-cost. There is great talent here and there’s money here, there’s capital here.”

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