Crain's: New business investment key to unlocking future

Clevelanders are extraordinarily generous.

For generations, we have been stirred by righteous causes and we have opened our wallets. Need proof? By 2017, according to numbers from Charity Navigator, the largest charities in Greater Cleveland had built up more than $7.1 billion in assets. That's $1.1 billion more than the average of the top 30 metro markets. It's a pile of treasure larger than charity assets in Boston, Chicago and San Francisco.

The remarkable work of our storied charities and foundations improves all of our lives. They feed our poor, boost our neighborhoods, shape our youth, improve our health, fuel our arts, empower our neighbors and so much more.

But Cleveland's strong culture of philanthropy has somehow placed another responsibility, a burden, on local charities that doesn't belong there: job creation.

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